Myanmar Treasure Resort Bagan

  Khayay Road, Anawrahta Quarter, Bagan, Mandalay Division, Myanmar  Map
Style: Traditional & Boutique   Launched: 2010    94 Room(s)   
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  • 92 Rooms
  • Garden view
  • Double/twin
  • 35 m²
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President Suite

  • 2 Rooms
  • Garden view
  • Double
  • 70 m²
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The thousands of temples that are spread across the plains of Bagan are the most impressive testament to the religious devotion of the Myanmar people. They combine to form one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia and provide views quite unlike anywhere else on earth. One of the beauties of the Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan is that it is situated inside the Bagan Archaeological Preservation zone, within easy reach of all surrounding tourist destinations of this ancient and rich area. Surrounded by swaying palms and landscaped gardens, the hotel complex is a graceful blend of traditional and contemporary elegance. Its traditionally crafted bamboo-tiled lobby has its walls and columns lavishly adorned with lacquer artwork. Imposing teak columns and beams provide a majestic style restaurant, overlooking the terrace bar and swimming pool. You will have the freedom to explore this vast and fascinating area at a leisurely pace, exploring off the beaten track can offer most fun.


Palm Tree Garden

The dry hot plains of Bagan looks as if only cactus would grow there. Surprisingly, the palm tree which can survive in this harsh weather makes up to other plains too delicate to live in this region. The best known product of this palm is the toddy juice, which when fresh is the sweetest cool drinks; when it starts to ferment, it is a bubbly beverage and finally it turns into best vinegar. There was much poetry written in ancient literature about the bliss of drinking the bubbly toddy juice, even now, it is a treat the lads still enjoy after a hard day's work. Take the time to enjoy our Palm Tree Garden when you visit Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan. Remember to ask our bartender to serve you our signature cocktail made with the toddy spirit.

Cultural show

One of the best choices is to spend an evening in the cultural atmosphere of Bagan, inspired by the cultural richness of Myanmar, reflecting the fascinating history through dance. Enjoy an evening of cultural performance with our Myanmar Traditional Folk Dance from 12 ethnic groups - Shan traditional dance, Prince Dance, Kayin Folk Dance, Myanmar Parasol Dance, U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe, traditional Nat (spirit) dance and the list goes on.


Renting an e-bike is a MUST in Bagan and it is one of the best ways to explore Bagan. Hire an e-bike for a day at Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan and it will enable you to go where you want and have an adventure. It will be easier to cover big distances this way and get to the more outlying pagodas. The Bagan Archaeological zone covers an area of 13 x 8 km and although the main roads are tarmac, there are also many sand roads which are much easier to negotiate on an e-bike than on a normal bicycle. Instead of sweating from the exertion of cycling, you will cool off while riding your e-bike.

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